“A New Kind of Capitalism:” Panel Discussion with Pepperdine Faculty

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“We are living through extraordinary economic times; many of the accepted market conventions have disintegrated in the last two years. Is there a new kind of capitalism in our future and what are the most important areas of intervention?” This is the question that Davide Accomazzo, adjunct professor of finance, posed  to panelists Dr. Terry Young, professor of economics, Edward Fredericks, practitioner faculty of finance, and Linnea Bernard McCord, associate professor of business law, in “A New Kind of Capitalism,” a GBR-exclusive panel discussion.

Topics include:

  • Monetary Policy
  • Keynesian economics
  • Redesigning the banking system
  • Trade and currency imbalances
  • The United States’ relationship with China
  • Education
  • Ethics
  • The future of Capitalism

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Author of the article
Davide Accomazzo, Adjunct Professor of Finance
Davide Accomazzo, Adjunct Professor of Finance
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