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Systems Thinking: A Holistic Approach to Organizational Effectiveness

Man draws out web of subsystems
Systems Thinking

The “systems thinking” approach is a way in which a business looks at its overall organization to determine patterns and develop more effective ways of conducting business. Each problem is considered as a part of the system rather than as an overarching problem in a specific department.

In his editorial for the Graziadio Business Review, Editor-in-Chief Mark Chun, PhD, looks at “systems thinking” as it relates the current trends in the economy. As he puts it, “To stay ahead of the curve, if not just afloat, businesses must understand how to create new value from multiple divisions and perspectives, drawing on a diverse skill set including information systems, law, entrepreneurship, organizational design, strategy, decision sciences, market, accounting, and finance.”

How has your organization incorporated systems thinking into its problem-solving processes? Tell us about your experiences in implementing organizational change using this holistic approach—what has worked? What has not? Please add your thoughts in the comment box below.

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