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Why Entrepreneurship Thrives During a Recession

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In this video interview, Larry Cox, PhD, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and director of the new entrepreneurship program at the Graziadio School of Business and Management, discusses how smart entrepreneurs take advantage of low opportunity and material costs during a recession and why creativity and idea generation are the most important factors to entrepreneurial success.

Questions for Dr. Cox

  1. What should entrepreneurs be doing differently during a recession?
  2. Why is creativity so important to entrepreneurship?
  3. Any tips on how to generate new business ideas?
  4. What other factors are important to entrepreneurship?
  5. What is the optimal balance between creative, out-of-the box thinking and solid research and financials?

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Author of the article
Larry Cox, PhD, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
Larry Cox, PhD, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
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