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5 Tips to Boost Workplace Happiness During these Tough Times

The results of the first GBR poll on the economy and workplace productivity are in!


  • The majority of participants said their workplace has been affected in some way by the stress of the down economy
  • 56% say that people are working harder to keep their jobs
  • 15% say that people are too obsessed with what’s going on to focus on their work

The GBR Blog asked Charles D. Kerns, PhD, Associate Professor of Applied Behavioral Science, at the Graziadio School of Business and Management, to comment on the results and offer some practical advice on coping with workplace stress. He wrote:

Charles D. Kerns, PhD
Charles D. Kerns, PhD

The current economic conditions call for all workers to do the very best they can do each day at work and to not leave their job before they have secured another position. A down economy can affect your happiness and performance at work if you let it, but here are five things that you can do to boost your happiness and performance at work during these tough times :

  1. Finding a meaningful and motivating purpose for the work that you do.
  2. Developing and/or strengthening a “best friend” relationship with someone at your work.
  3. Showing your gratitude for what you do have at work.
  4. Confronting and disputing your favorite negative thoughts that can consume your daily thinking.
  5. Identifying, affirming and finding creative ways to do what you do best each day at work.

These five practices can help improve an unsatisfactory work situation or make a good circumstance even better regardless of the external economic conditions that surround you. You are encouraged to adapt some or all of these tactics in your current work situation to enhance your happiness and performance.

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