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GBR Interview Podcasts now on iTunes U

As a new benefit to readers, GBR audio interviews will now be available for download via iTunes U. Subscribe today to have our interviews with prominent business practitioners automatically downloaded to your iTunes library as they are posted.

Note: Interviews will remain available for download directly from the GBR website. To view our archive of interviews, click here.

How do I access GBR interviews on iTunes U?

(if you do not have iTunes on your computer, you will first need to download it here)

1. Go to

2. Click on Public Access (Visitors & Alumni).


click on public access

3. Wait for iTunes to load. Pepperdine iTunes U should automatically appear.

4. Within Pepperdine iTunes U, click on Business and Economics.

click on business and economics

5. Click on Graziadio Business Report Interviews.


click on GBR interviews    

6. Click on Subscribe.

click on subscribe

Author of the article
Danielle L. Scott
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