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Information Management

From Information Systems to Innovation Systems: Establishing the Next Generation Information Systems Department Conference

Experts from Sony Pictures, Guitar Center, County of Orange, and Center for CIO Leadership explain how organizations can establish a world-class IS department and leverage IS to foster innovation. This conference was hosted by Pepperdine University, the Graziadio School of Business and Management, and the Graziadio Center for Applied Research on Wednesday, October 12th, 2011.

ITIS Harvey Koeppel“From Information Systems to Innovation Systems with Harvey Koeppel”


Harvey Koeppel, Executive Director of the Center for CIO Leadership, draws from his experiences as a CIO with Citigroup’s Global Consumer Group as he discusses the evolving role of the CIO in his presentation “The 21st Century CIO.”

ITIS Eric Iverson“From Information Systems to Innovation Systems with Eric Iverson”


Eric Iverson, Vice President of Information Technology, Sony Pictures, talks about how to form and lead effective work teams that generate innovative ideas in his presentation “Iverson on Innovation – Innovating OT.”

ITIS Joel Manfredo“From Information Systems to Innovation Systems with Joel Manfredo”


Joel Manfredo, Chief Technology Officer, County Executive Office Information Technology, County of Orange, shares how he is improving the OC’s IT Service Delivery in his presentation “Accelerating IT Mojo in the Face of Financial Distress”

ITIS Robert Fort“From Information Systems to Innovation Systems with Robert Fort”


Robert Fort, Vice President Information Technology/Divisional CIO, Guitar Center, shares his greatest challenges and successes as an IT leader in his presentation “It’s All Common Sense, So Sense What’s Common”

ITIS Panel“From Information Systems to Innovation Systems with a Panel of Experts”


Harvey Koeppel (Center for CIO Leadership), Eric Iverson (Sony Pictures), Joel Manfredo (County of Orange), Robert Fort (Guitar Center) and moderator Mark Chun (Pepperdine University) share their vast knowledge of information systems.

Knowledge Management

“Social Networking and Knowledge Management: What’s Emerging from Pandora’s Box?”

Experts from Microsoft, Qualcomm, MITRE Corporation, and eNthusaProve discuss how organizations can use social networking technologies to capture, store, share, and reuse knowledge for a competitive advantage at the 2010 National Knowledge Management Conference, “Social Networking and Knowledge Management: What’s Emerging from Pandora’s Box?” hosted by Pepperdine University, the Graziadio School of Business and Management, and the Graziadio Center for Applied Research, September 1, 2010.

Linda Livingstone Knowledge Management 2010“Dean Livingstone Introduces the 2010 Knowledge Management Conference”


Linda Livingstone, PhD, Dean of the Graziadio Business School at Pepperdine University talks about several programs offered at Pepperdine University and introduces the 2010 National Knowledge Management Conference.

Dave Licher Knowledge Management 2010“Transferring Knowledge to the Next Generation: Key Remarks from Dave Licher”


Dave Licher, Project Manager, Knowledge Management at NGAS Command Media Consolidation discusses the importance of capturing and remembering stories from the older generations before their lessons, their wisdom, their knowledge is forgotten.

Paul Armstrong Knowledge Management 2010“Social Networking and Knowledge Management: What’s Emerging from Pandora’s Box?”


Paul Armstrong, Partner, CIO at eNthusaProve, LLC, shares strategies to increase knowledge networking with social media and networking in his presentation, “Social Networking and Knowledge Management: What’s Emerging from Pandora’s Box?”

Jim Everard Knowledge Management 2010“KM & Communities of Practice: Enabling the Business of Engineering in a Global Economy”


Jim Everard, Senior Director, Interactive Entertainment at Microsoft, explains how to use explicit and tacit knowledge to drive business value in his presentation, “Knowledge Management & Communities of Practice.”

Marcie Zaharee Knowledge Management 2010“Methods and Tools for Knowledge Transfer in a Multigenerational Workforce”


Marcie Zaharee, Associate Department Head, Information Management and Practice at The MITRE Corporation, discusses the challenges of knowledge sharing across a multigenerational workforce in “Methods and Tools for Knowledge Transfer.”

“The Intersection of Ethics and Knowledge Management”

Experts from both public and private sectors discuss corporate knowledge practices and issues emerging in the field from a social and ethical perspective at the 2009 National Knowledge Management Conference, “The Intersection of Ethics and Knowledge Management,” hosted by Pepperdine University, the Graziadio School of Business and Management, and the Graziadio Center for Applied Research, August 5th – 6th, 2009.

Melodie Mayberry Knowledge Management 2009“A Case for Openness”


Melodie Mayberry-Stewart, Chief Information Officer at the State of New York, discusses how social media and networking can be used to engage employees and citizens in government in “A Case for Openness: New York State’s Strategy to Collaboratively Expand Conversations with Creativity and Connectivity.”

George Gibbs Knowledge Management 2009“Fortune vs. Privacy: The 21st Century Choice”


George Gibbs, Engineer at Northrop Grumman, discusses the various lucrative scams that occur with internet service providers, global businesses, and medical information systems and the need for more government and independent oversight in his presentation, “Fortune vs. Privacy: The 21st Century Choice.”

Rick Brennan Knowledge Management 2009“Knowledge Management on the Battlefield”


Keynote speaker Rick Brennan, Senior Managing Partner at Brennan and Associates, LLC, discusses the Department of Defense and the significance of adapting Network Centric Warfare as a knowledge management model in “KM on the Battlefield: Considerations for the Department of Defense’s Expanding Role.”

Doug Brook Knowledge Management 2009“Knowledge Retention & Transfer”


Doug Brook, President and CEO at Triune Group, talks about Air Force Knowledge Now, a successful knowledge management system for collecting and sharing information and for increasing collaboration across the Air Force in his presentation, “Knowledge Retention & Transfer: Air Force Knowledge Now.”

J Steven Newman Knowledge Management 2009“Capturing Space Shuttle & International Space Station Knowledge of Exploration Systems: Lessons Learned”


J. Steven Newman, D.Sc., Vice President, Technology Application at ARES Corporation, discusess strategies for knowledge-based risks in “Capturing Space Shuttle & International Space Station Knowledge of Exploration Systems.”

Catherine Lord Knowledge Management 2009“Smart Workforce of the Future”


Catherine Lord, Senior Consulting Strategist at IBM, discusses the global trends in “smart work,” including a more globally distributed workforce and a greater emphasis in social media and networking in “Smart Workforce of the Future: A One Year Study of the Changing Nature of Work Over the Next Decade.”

Doug Madgic Knowledge Management 2009“Collaboration Effect”


Doug Madgic, Program Lead, Communities of Practice at Cisco Systems, Inc., discusses Cisco’s knowledge management systems for capturing and sharing intellectual capital in order to enhance value for companies and customers in “Collaboration Effect: A Cisco Knowledge Management Overview.”

Chris Lord Hitachi Knowledge Management 2009“Things We’ve Learned thru Success and Failure”


Chris Lord, Vice President at Hitachi Consulting, poses questions about knowledge management including, “How is data and knowledge verified?” and “How do you make a culture of KM?” in his presentation, “Hitachi Consulting: Things We’ve Learned thru Success and Failure.”

Conieth O'Connell Knowledge Management 2009“Open Text: A Technology View”


Conieth O’Connell, Open Text, Front Office Solutions, discusses knowledge management in regards to ethics, trust, transparency, and policy in his presentation, “A Technology View.” Open Text, global leader in Enterprise Content Management, provides organizations with web and e-business solutions.


Applied Research Symposium: Creating Value After a Down Economy

The 2010 Applied Research Symposium, ”Creating Value After a Down Economy,” was hosted by the Center for Applied Research at Pepperdine University on August 31st, 2010. In this conference, a cross-discipline panel of industry experts and accomplished applied researchers share the latest strategies for organizations to thrive during a post-recession world.

Kevin Groves Applied Research“Talent Management Best Practices for Identifying and Developing High Potential Leaders”


Kevin Groves, assistant professor of organizational theory and management at the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University, makes a case for why talent management matters now more than ever.

Charla Griffy-Brown Applied Research“Using Customer-Facing Technology to Create New Business Value”


Charla Griffy-Brown, Associate Professor and Discipline Lead of Information Systems at the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University discusses how to create customer loyalty and find new value with existing data structures.

Debra Canales Applied Research“Staying Focused on Talent Management”


Debra A. Canales, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer at Trinity Health and Warren Cinnick, Director, People and Change Advisory Services at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, share their experiences in managing, developing, and retaining talent.

Edward Uy Applied Research“Leveraging Agility in a Software Development Organization”


Edward Uy, Vice President, Project Management Office at Kelly Blue Book, explains how to apply agile software development and makes a case for why many businesses should use agile software development in their organizations. To illustrate his points, Uy uses Kelly Blue Book as a case study.

Jeff Paradowski Applied Research“Strategic Spending in a Challenging Economy”


Jeff Paradowski, Vice President at Hitachi Consulting, discusses how companies need to change their organizational culture in order to adapt to the economic problems. He also talks about how to define a company’s value by creating value models and calculating value scores.

Mark Garmaise Applied Research“After the Honeymoon: Relationship Dynamics Between Mortgage Brokers and Banks”


Mark Garmaise, PhD, Associate Professor of Finance at the Anderson School of Management at UCLA, discusses the worsening relationship between mortgage brokers and bankers and how this relationship lead to the housing market crisis.

Michael Crooke Applied Research“Beyond Corporate Citizenship”


Michael Crook, PhD, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Business at the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University and former CEO of Patagonia, Inc., discusses how companies can use corporate social responsibility to create customer loyalty.

Thomas Tileston Applied Research“Accessing the Right Information: Maximizing the Supply Chain for Value and Opportunity”


Thomas Tileston, Vice President, Business Decision Support at Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Inc., discusses how to collect data in an organization, how to create new value from that data, and how to share that data with your customers and suppliers.

Panel 1 Applied Research“Applied Research Symposium: Panel 1”


Panelists Kevin Groves (Pepperdine University), Debra Canales (Trinity Health), Warren Cinnick (PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP), Thomas Tileston (Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Inc.), and Edward Uy (Kelly Blue Book) answer questions on culture change in organizations, high potential leaders, supply chains, and more.

Panel 2 Applied Research“Applied Research Symposium: Panel 2”


Panelists Michael Crooke (Pepperdine University), Charla Griffy-Brown (Pepperdine University), Mark Garmaise (UCLA), and Jeff Paradowski (Hitachi Consulting) answer questions from the audience on corporate social responsibility, banks and mortgage brokers, transparency in organizations, global finance, and more.

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