2001 Volume 4 Issue 3

Editor’s Note: Surf’s Up!

Editor’s Note: Surf’s Up!

Gnarly features in this endless summer issue.

During a recent visit to Japan, I noticed a buzz in the air about the so- called 3G (third generation) technologies. NTT, British Telecom, Sprint PCS, Cingular, and Verizon Wireless are plowing resources into these wireless networks and applications, which some say will lead to ‘personal area networks’ (PAN) or wireless devices that will speak to each other.

Charla Griffy-Brown, PhD

NTT DoCoMo was set to launch the first PAN network in Tokyo (the mobile Internet capital of the world) for its i-mode subscribers. However, by the end of May, a shortage of bandwidth forced the firm to turn 3G i-mode into a pilot for a select group of its 23 million subscribers, pushing commercial deployment back to October. The good news was that the company immediately received 147,000 requests for 4,000 testing slots. The bad news was that handset problems led to the recall of thousands of i-mode phones.

Sprint PCS and Verizon wireless have announced plans to roll-out PAN service here in the U.S., but the infrastructure is not yet in place. Future issues of the Graziadio Business Review will keep readers informed as the next wave of communication technology takes shape.

But the surf is up this issue as well. Two of the Graziadio School’s founding faculty, Wayne Strom and Dick Rierdan, are among the contributors this issue. Professor Strom offers proven suggestions for coping with job loss and rejoining the workforce. Professor Rierdan’s executive guide to the art of delegation is adapted from a book he recently co-authored on the subject.

As the energy crisis continues to haunt Californians, Professors Terry Young and David Smith take an intriguing look at this timely topic and author a cautionary tale for energy consumers as they try to keep up with sophisticated producers and regulators in this turbulent market.

In this regard we are very pleased to present an interview with Senator Debra Bowen, chairperson of the Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications of the California Senate. Senator Bowen is centrally involved in the debate over how California should respond to the imbalance to electricity supply and demand, and the interview touches upon potential long and short term solutions.

Without further ado, we also offer Dave McMahon’s look at the impact of delays on customers. Professor McMahon discusses ways of managing customer expectations that can mitigate negative effects when delays are unavoidable.

Are you thinking about doing an IPO? Michael Davis explains that it is not too late as long as you have a solid business plan and real profitability. This interesting insight into the current IPO situation reveals that capital is still available as long as your business is solid and you have very little debt.

And Larry Bumgardner shows what three recent Supreme Court decisions mean for business practice. One of these rulings will make it easier to overturn large punitive damages awarded by juries, and two others will help businesses insist on arbitration with employees and customers.

In EBIZ@GBR this issue we look at the rise in mobile computing, the arrival of Personal Area Networks, the ongoing struggle between Microsoft and Java, and the changing face of E-Business.

Finally, if you are ready for a vacation, check-out The LOOP, our zany look at the workplace. Our Loopmaster looks at vacation trends and offers a variety of tips to restore mind and spirit (if not body and soul.) And try our Vacation Quiz. No one will know you’re not really working.

So the surf is definitely up. Until next issue…Hang loose.

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Author of the article
Charla Griffy-Brown, PhD
Charla Griffy-Brown, PhD
Charla Griffy-Brown, PhD, is an associate professor of information systems at the Graziadio School of Business and Management. In 2004, Dr. Griffy-Brown received a research award from the International Association for the Management of Technology and was recognized as one of the most active and prolific researchers in the fields of technology management and innovation. A former researcher at the Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development in Tokyo, she has also served as an associate professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Dr. Griffy-Brown graduated from Harvard University, is a former Fulbright Scholar, and holds a PhD in technology management from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. She has worked for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center and has taught innovation/technology management courses in Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan. She has also served as a consultant for the United Nation’s Global Environmental Facility and the European Commission.
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