2009 Volume 12 Issue 3

Audio Interview with McKesson U.S. Pharmaceutical President John Figueroa

Audio Interview with McKesson U.S. Pharmaceutical President John Figueroa

Prescription for Success

John Figueroa began his career with McKesson in August 1997 as Vice President of Sales for California for McKesson Health Systems. Prior to his current role, he was responsible for the company’s relationships with retail chains and mail service customers, their largest and fastest growing segments.

John Figueroa, MBA

Prior to joining McKesson, John was Director of Sales and National Accounts at Baxter Healthcare for seven years. He also served as a Captain in the United States Army. He holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and Bachelor of Arts degrees in both English Literature and Political Science from UCLA. John is a member of several boards, including the McKesson Shared Services Council, the HDMA Government Public Policy Council, the GS1 U.S. Board of Governors, the Boys Hope Girls Hope Board of Directors, and the Pepperdine University Business School Board of Visitors Executive Committee.

To learn more about McKesson U.S. Pharmaceuticals, click here.

Audio Files

Full Interview[powerpress http://gsbm-med.pepperdine.edu/gbr/audio/figueroa/figueroa_interview.mp3] or read transcript
What’s Right/Wrong with U.S. Healthcare[powerpress http://gsbm-med.pepperdine.edu/gbr/audio/figueroa/figueroa_healthcare.mp3]
McKesson’s Green Policies[powerpress http://gsbm-med.pepperdine.edu/gbr/audio/figueroa/figueroa_green.mp3]
Motivating the Troops in Rough Times[powerpress http://gsbm-med.pepperdine.edu/gbr/audio/figueroa/figueroa_motivation.mp3]
Why iCARE Matters[powerpress http://gsbm-med.pepperdine.edu/gbr/audio/figueroa/figueroa_icare.mp3]

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Questions for John Figueroa:

  1. Tell us more about McKesson.
  2. What key elements are required for a company to maintain McKesson’s level of success?
  3. Is McKesson involved in creating or influencing new drug therapies or mainly in distribution?
  4. What are some of the technological advances you see coming to the healthcare industry?
  5. What is wrong with our current healthcare system? What is right?
  6. What would you like to see happen?
  7. How might changes to the national healthcare system impact McKesson?
  8. What do you not want to see happen?
  9. What healthcare challenges should management be paying attention to in the coming years?
  10. What steps has McKesson undertaken in order to be “green” and “socially responsible?”
  11. What was the career path to your becoming president of McKesson?
  12. How has your MBA influenced your career direction and success?
  13. What skills and attributes helped you reach your current position?
  14. How do you adapt to change?
  15. What have you learned as president that has changed the way you do business?
  16. Who do you rely on for advice?
  17. During this economic downturn, how do you keep your organization motivated?
  18. How can managers maximize opportunities to implement change during tough times?
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Danielle L. Scott
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