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The Psychological Impact of Layoffs

Can’t see the above video? Click this link to watch. In this video interview, Ann Feyerherm, PhD, Professor of Organization and Management and Chair of the Applied Behavior Science and Organization Theory and Management Department, explores the psychological impact of losing a job and effective methods for bouncing back.

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New or Different?

During a recent talk to a group of small business owners on the practice of innovation, someone asked this interesting question: “Which is better: new or different?” The question gave me pause—first, because we tend to think of the two terms as almost the same thing, and second, because I had never actually considered forcing […]

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Peter Drucker, Masatoshi Ito, and In-N-Out Burger

November 19th is management pioneer (now deceased) Peter Drucker’s 100th birthday. To celebrate the life and teachings of this remarkable man, the Drucker Institute hosted a weeklong event, Drucker Week, featuring some of the most respected business academicians (a paradox?) of the world at Claremont University. Ken Blanchard (author of The One-Minute Manager and Know Can […]

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MBA Paper Recession-Proofs Restaurants

Dean Linda Livingstone, Winner Kasra Ferasat, GBR Editor-in-Chief Owen Hall Kasra Ferasat of Palos Verdes, CA., (pictured center) a fully employed MBA program student at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management, is the 2009 first place $1000 winner in the student paper competition held by the Graziadio Business Report. For the second year, […]

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GBR Fall 2009 Issue Now Online!

In this issue, read about: IT Strategy for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in an Economic Downturn Cost-Effective IT Solutions and Critical Success Factors for SMBs. In an uncertain economy, small companies often feel the pinch of reduced business activity more acutely than large firms. As a result, it becomes increasingly important to do more with […]

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Beta(ful) Market Hypotheses

In my many years as a derivative trader and hedge fund manager, I forged a solid and long-lasting relationship with risk. Like a beautiful but dangerous woman, risk permeated my professional life—a constant courtship leading me to many attempts at fully understanding its mysterious ways. A never-ending effort! The theoretical foundations of risk analysis were […]

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