Articles by Wayne L. Strom, PhD

Wayne L. Strom, PhD, is a professor of behavioral science at Pepperdine's Graziadio School of Business and Management. As an active consultant to executives and organizations, Dr. Strom has worked with a long list of local and multinational corporations in Europe, Asia, and the United States, including ABC-TV, Baxter Healthcare, CB-Richard Ellis, Citicorp, Consolidated Capital, The Culver Studios, SmithKline, Southern California Edison, Toshiba America, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Yamaha. His current focus is on leadership processes for corporate renewal and the development of businesses as continuous improvement/learning organizations. He has served as associate dean, director of graduate programs, and chair of various academic committees. In 1986, he founded the Pepperdine Civic Leadership project, and in 1991, he was selected as a Harriet and Charles Luckman Distinguished Teaching Fellow in 1991. Currently he enlists executives in coaching employable but unemployed and homeless men and women for job searching skills.

The Coaching Connection: A Manager’s Guide to Developing Individual Potential in the Context of the Organization by Paul J. Gorrell and John Hoover

The strength of the book is that it provides an outline of what might be called “leverage points” for helping a client to be a more effective leader within the context of the corporation.

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Managing By Henry Mintzberg

Two Graziadio faculty members give their review of “Managing” by Henry Mintzberg.

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What Determines Which Businesses Win and Which Lose?

An interview with author Keith McFarland offers insight in business strategy and reveals why he is on the list of top business thinkers.

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The EQ Interview by Adele Lynn

An essential read for anyone engaged in interviewing for employee selection.

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The Breakthrough Company by Keith R. McFarland

From his face-to-face interviews and careful analysis, author Keith McFarland teases out the critical factors that separate exceptional performers from the barely surviving.

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Wings of the Great Northwest

Jeff Pinneo has nearly 30 years of airline industry experience, more than 25 of those years with Horizon Air and Alaska Airlines.

2006 Volume 9 Issue 4 - By

Suddenly Unemployed?

Rely on networking and personal chemistry to find and get the right job.

2001 Volume 4 Issue 3 - By

The Human Realities of Corporate Downsizing

Downsizing typically leads to a widespread lack of commitment but can also bring new energy and enthusiasm which often go unrecognized.

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AB Corporation Case Study

A case study using the lens of memos, news stories, and e-mail notes to allow readers to view events at AB, Inc., as a learning tool for the art and science of management.

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Ernie to Kay

ABMAIL To: From: Subject: Hi there! Time Sent: 2/20/92 4:10:01 p.m. See, I told you this would work. Nice note from Tom, if I do say so myself. I wish he would come down harder on the gossip issue. Those people in accounting and general services do nothing but gossip all day. Well, […]

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