Articles by Mark Chun, PhD

Mark Chun, PhD, earned his doctorate in Information Systems from the University of Colorado at Boulder; an MBA from the University of California, Irvine, with a emphasis on business and strategy; and a Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in management information systems from the University of Hawaii. His research focuses on the use of IT to create value and to transform organizations, the integration of information systems, and knowledge management. He has been published in the Communications of the Association of Information Systems journal, the Journal of Information Technology Management, the Journal of Global Information Technology Management, and the Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research. Dr. Chun has worked for Intel Corporation, Pepsi Co./Taco Bell, Coopers & Lybrand, and the Bank of Hawaii, and has conducted research at Qwest, Honda, Hilton Hotels, Kaiser Permanente, Mattel, and Pratt-Whitney Rocketdyne. He has also researched the diffusion of information technology in less-developed Asian countries.

Editorial: Systems Thinking

To stay ahead of the curve, if not just afloat, businesses must understand how to create new value from multiple divisions and perspectives.

2010 Volume 13 Issue 3 - By

Creating a Community in Southern California that Values Sharing Knowledge

The threat of knowledge loss affects the aerospace industry, as well as entertainment, high technology, education, and government.

2007 Volume 10 Issue 4 - By

Managing Organizational Knowledge

Through knowledge management, organizations identify and leverage their collective knowledge to compete, including the creation, storage/retrieval, transfer, and application of knowledge.

2007 Volume 10 Issue 2 - By , and

IT in Healthcare

Over the next few years, the healthcare industry is expected to be one of the top two industries to leverage information technology (IT) and to recognize significant growth.

2006 Volume 9 Issue 4 - By and

IT MATTERS: The IT Governance Road Map

Information technology (IT) offers many opportunities to enhance or transform business, but requires carefully orchestrated efforts between the firm’s technology and business specialists.

2005 Volume 8 Issue 3 - By

An Uphill Battle

If your company is interested in expanding its operations to China, are you aware of the existing e-commerce development challenges that await you?

2005 Volume 8 Issue 2 - By , and


To conduct business in Asia, managers need to understand Asian electronic infrastructures and how to leverage them.

2004 Volume 7 Issue 1 - By and

Conversation with American Honda’s Tom Ross

A Q&A with Tom Ross, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of the Information Systems Division at American Honda.

2004 Volume 7 Issue 1 - By