Articles by David Callen, MSOD

David Callen, MSOD, is the first place winner of the First Annual Graziadio School Student Paper Competition presented by the Graziadio Schoool of Business and Management and the Graziadio Business Report. He completed a Master of Science in the Organization Development Program in August 2008. Callen was most recently a media supervisor for Universal McCann, where he worked on their Microsoft account supervising a team of five that specialized in all forms of digital media. His previous education includes studying the Middle Eastern peace process at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a BA in Organizational Studies from the University of Michigan. He has traveled and lived in over 23 countries and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay area.

2008 Graziadio School Student Paper Competition – How Intercultural Competence Drives Success in Global Virtual Teams

A study that shows intercultural competence as a factor in effectiveness of global virtual teams, and that building relationships, establishing structure, and having discipline are critical for success.

2008 Volume 11 Issue 4 - By