Articles by William Bleuel, PhD

William Bleuel, PhD

“Keeping Up with the Quants” By Thomas H. Davenport and Jinho Kim

This a translation from “quant” language to standard business English that offers insight to those who see “quants” as people who have a strange vocabulary.

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“Customer Experience 3.0” by John A. Goodman

John Goodman offers a view of how industry will look at customers in the future. Goodman shows us the new world of the Customer Experience.

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Strategic Customer Service by John Goodman

This book should not be on the bookshelf, but on the desktop of every person responsible for customer service.

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A Complaint Is a Gift by Janelle Barlow and Claus Moller

Too often, we take a direct complaint personally and engage in a battle with the customer a battle nobody wins.

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The measurement trap represents a false belief that we can fully understand all aspects of our business strictly through measurement.

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Cultivating the Customer Asset

Target customer service programs for potential customers, new customers, loyal customers, and low-margin customers.

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