Articles by Ross Atwater

Ross Atwater, is Division Manager of the Accounts Management Group for the Satorian Group, LLC, in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he is responsible for marketing and sales for the group throughout the United States. His primary role is to deal with customers and showcase their contributions. Ross regularly works with Fortune 100 companies that utilize web insourcing solutions to help them achieve cost savings. He has also provided voiceover for interactive, online demonstrations and co-authored a macroeconomic analysis textbook. Ross has a degree in economics from the University of California-Davis and has worked for Micronomics, Inc., and DMA, Inc. in southern California.

The Power of Sharing in an Uncertain World

A case study of a corporate business unit at Nestlé in the United States demonstrates the potential of virtual insourcing.

2009 Volume 12 Issue 4 - By , and