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The Make Money on Foreclosures Answer Book by Denise L. Evans

The Make Money on Foreclosures Answer Book

By Denise L. Evans
Sphinx Legal, 2008

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5 stars: Stop what you're doing and read this book!Author Denise L. Evans, an attorney, is an expert in foreclosure law and she provides easy-to-follow questions and clear answers to questions about foreclosure, such as “What is a foreclosure?” and “Should I rent to the former owner?” The book covers nearly every question I could pose regarding foreclosure, and they are easily and clearly answered.

The book’s 10 comprehensive and easy-to-read chapters include Foreclosure Basics, Understanding the Parties and Their Motivations, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure, What You Should Know about Taxes, and The Former Owner. The five appendices provide a business plan, excellent state-specific information, real estate contracts information, and spreadsheets that provide models readers can use.

This is a superb book for readers interested in the subject of real estate, particularly if they are interested in foreclosures.

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