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Take No Prisoners by Martin A. Davis

Take No Prisoners by Martin A. Davis

Take No Prisoners: A No-Holds-Barred Approach to Corporate Excellence

By Marvin A. Davis
AMACOM, 2007


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5 stars: Stop what you're doing and read this book!Marvin Davis’Take No Prisoners delivers an authoritative, pragmatic, illuminating, and engaging solution to one of the most painful but rewarding projects that a management consultant can be involved with: a corporate turnaround. I wish I had access to this book earlier in my career. Davis’ wealth of experience translates into very insightful advice on how to spot organizational problem areas as well as the antidotes to remedy them.

Companies all over that were once vibrant and prosperous are today struggling to remain viable entities. Something in the world changed and these companies failed to make the correct adjustments. Often their inability to adjust was the result of the arrogance and ineptitude of new CEOs or boards. Other contributing factors may have been uncontrolled growth, internal politics, lack of understanding of the market dynamics, and an inability to grasp new technology.

This book sets the ground rules for identifying the real issues in an organization. It provides tools to help stem the bleeding as well as strategies for changing a company’s course. Davis stresses the idea of “managing by walking around” and the benefits of talking with employees at all levels. Not only does it help you gain a better understanding of the problems within a company, he writes, it also helps identify bright employees who could be influential in the revival process.

I would recommend this book to turnaround specialists as well as company executives and owners who may find it useful in keeping their businesses running smoothly by avoiding the mistakes of others.

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