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Click Millionaires by Scott Fox

Click Millionaires by Scott Fox
Click Millionaires by Scott Fox

Click Millionaires: Work Less, Live More with an Internet Business You Love

by Scott Fox
Amacom, 2012
288 pages

3 stars: Valuable information and a good readThis book’s target audience is identified as American workers who are stuck in boring corporate jobs, believe that they can work for themselves, and want to build successful lifestyle businesses. The author provides an amazing array of ideas on “how to” create online lifestyle businesses by setting up and using the internet for blogging, digital publishing, email nozzles, podcasting, Web TV shows, social networking, and selling online information products. The primary goal of lifestyle business entrepreneurs is to become “Click Millionaires” so they can work at home, sleep in late if you want to, and basically live the lifestyle they desire.

The success stories of persons who became “Click Millionaires” offer insights into how lifestyle entrepreneurs found niche markets and used their life skills to build trust and relationships with clients. The work starts with a noble idea—build a business that helps other people. Along the way steps are taken to extend relationships with clients and subsequently add repeating revenue streams using the Internet.

Working less by letting the Internet do the heavy work to keep recurring revenues rolling in may seem too good to be true. But the success stories provided throughout the book also verify it is possible. The business niche identification method and the ten step business system checklist documented in the book show that lifestyle business development requires hard work, time, and a structured approach to decision making. I think that the top challenge that anyone building a lifestyle business is how to build trust. This is especially true if the lifestyle business entrepreneur has no degrees or certifications to signal clients that their information, insights, or products are credible and have value.

A key question to ponder before accepting the lifestyle business challenge is how much time, effort and lifestyle you already have invested in click skills. If your relationships already rely heavily on emails, blogging, Web TV, social networking, and digital information then the leap to setting up and running an internet lifestyle business makes more sense than someone who does not currently have and use texting, messaging, tweeting, and a range of entertainment games on their smart phone.

This book deserves a solid three star rating and is a good read that provides valuable information.

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