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Pandemic Pivot

Businesses will undoubtedly achieve a new normal post-pandemic quarantine. Social norms of sealing the deal with a handshake will most likely be a thing of the past. However, now is the opportunity to reset your business, improve your strategy, increase relational capital, and be miles ahead of your competition when the time-out buzzer sounds. Will you be ready?

The first thing that must be addressed is that we are not on holiday. For serious business leaders, it is not the time to binge on Netflix and discuss Carole and the Tigers. Being at home countless days is surreal to put it mildly; however, you must manage your energy and your time.

Commit to 3 areas of growth: Health, Personal, and Business.

Your physical health will prime your brain and body with the focus and energy you will need to invest in the Business detox that you should undergo. Move at least 30 minutes a day. Yoga, stretch, meditate, and cardio are key essentials to prime the vessel that will assist you in achieving your peak performance.

Right now, investing in personal growth is imperative. What are your weaknesses in business? Sales? Financials? Marketing? Whatever your weakness is must now become your strength to position your business for success in the coming months. Mind feeding is the fastest way to enhance those skills. Become a voracious reader, listen to Podcasts, read case studies of the businesses who came out on top in 2008. Look at the top owners and CEOs in your industry. What do they do differently and how can that help you step out of the crowd? Use this information to brainstorm ideas that will have an immediate and lasting effect on your business. Business owners must become masters of strategy.

The Business detox should include a review of your branding, marketing, avatar client, processes and financials. Then, you should develop a 90-day plan to get you through these uncharted waters. If you are stuck and don’t know where to begin, invest time in webinars, join a Mastermind Group, or seek-out support from a business coach or consultant. What you do today will determine your successes of tomorrow. There is always opportunity in chaos. A new generation of leaders will rise out of the pandemic. Those who succeed will be those who embrace change, engage in creative problem solving, pivot quickly to the needs and demands of their clients, and ultimately don’t quit.

We will rise as humanity out of these uncertain times. How you rise to the new frontier of business is ultimately up to you. Honestly, no matter the current state of your business, you have everything you need to succeed. Remember: work ethic, ambition, integrity, loyalty, and focus are all free; and above all, choose faith over fear.

Author of the article
Melissa Glossup, MA, MEd
Melissa Glossup, MA, MEd
Melissa Glossup, MA, MEd is a business growth authority, innovator, and visionary. She is a recognized strategist for a new generation of sales, marketing, success and leadership. Melissa is the co-founder/CEO of KOSTechnology, an emerging revolutionary safety technology that is set to transform the global modern workforce and enhance industrial safety. Through the years, Melissa has mastered and developed winning strategies to dominate the art of negotiation, build strategic partnerships, assemble dynamic teams, and mastermind products from concept to launch and market share.
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