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What do Music, Business, and Academia Have in Common?

Welcome to the new issue of the GBR.

We believe that you will find these articles informative as well as a challenge to take a deeper look at your business life, your work life, and as it applies, to your academic life.

In this issue we have two articles on the importance of ethics in business, how business and academia can partner to improve the integrity of leadership, and the importance of ethics and integrity in academia. Check out Dr. Cam Caldwell’s article “Forging Ethics-Based Business Partners” and Dean Linda Livingstone’s article “Integrating a Spiritual Life into the Work Life.”

Yes, Dorothy, there is a PhD in Thinkology. Dr. Mark Allen shares ways that corporate universities have managed talent, retained employees, initiated more effective deployment, and prepared for succession in his article “Talent Management and Corporate Universities.”

How does an organization compare to a music composition? If you enjoy music, you will enjoy the musical metaphor Dr. David R. King and Dr. Samuel M. Demarie composed in their article “Organizational Jazz.” They will explain how the culture of music can be used to improve the organizational culture.

“To MOOC or not to MOOC, is that the Question?” Read Dr. Owen P. Hall, Jr.’s article to find out more about the impact of Massive Online Open Courses on management education.

When you are finished with these, you might be interested in looking through our archives, book reviews, and videos.

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