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A Blog on Blogging!

Audra QuinnBest Blog Practices

  1. Timely: The more relevant your topic to current events, the more hits you will receive.
  2. Valuable: Entries should promote knowledge, add insight, and provide valuable links to your readers.
  3. Concise: Every blog entry doesn’t need to be a 600-word essay. You can post photos, videos, links, PDFs, or anything that you think adds value to the blog and your readers.
  4. Regular: We aim for one new blog post a week. Consistently putting out quality content will keep readers returning and over time it will help build a community.
  5. Engaging: The blog offers a little room for personality! Let yours shine through. And don’t forget to solicit feedback!

Not sure what to blog about?

  • Write about what you are passionate about – your field! Your passion will come through in your writing and make it engaging, no matter how technical or specific the topic.
  • Your research. Give us a sneak peek of what you are working on.
  • Current events, and how they relate to business practitioners.
  • A narrative about a personal experience and how it relates to any topic in business/management.
  • Your in-class Eureka! moments

How to Get Started

E-mail me at to let me know a basic idea, format and timeframe in which you would like to publish.

Submit any necessary text – A Word document is great, but even text in the body of an e-mail will do!  Also, send images or let me know what type of image you’d like to include.

I will do any necessary editing for GBR style purposes and post the blog under your name.

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