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Information Technology Enables Transformation of Hollywood

Mishra Devendra
Mishra Devendra

In “Information Technology Enables Transformation of Hollywood” (written after the 2012 Hollywood IT Summit or “HITS”), Devendra Mishra discusses the expanding roles of CIOs and the new partnerships between CIOs and CTOs. According to Mishra, one “game-changing role” for the CIO is the new relationship between the studios and their consumers. With the increased involvement of consumers through the Internet and social media, CIOs have better insight and greater access to consumers. For instance, CIOs use social media data to develop “consumer-centric content.”

In the article, Mishra also shares how some Hollywood studios are reconstructing their business in order to enhance their digital distribution, increase revenue, and reduce costs. Additionally, Mishra offers seven key initiatives that CIOs from Hollywood studios are addressing.

Devendra Mishra is Adjunct Professor of Decision Sciences and Marketing at the Graziadio School of Business and Management, Pepperdine University, and Chief Strategist at MESA.

Click here to read Mishra Devendra’s full article, “Information Technology Enables Transformation of Hollywood.”

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