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VIDEO: An Indonesian Perspective on Technology in Society with Karl Knapp, PhD

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In this GBR video interview, Dr. Karl Knapp, Associate Professor and Senior Advisor at the School of Business and Management at the Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia discusses the role of technology in delivering government services and attacking the endemic problems of poverty, famine, and health care throughout Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Interviewed by Dr. Charla Griffy-Brown, Professor of Information Systems and Technology Management, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence at Pepperdine University, her questions include:

  1. What roles are technology and scholarly research playing in addressing the economical, social, and political issues in Indonesia and Southeast Asia?
  2. How can technology be used to solve economical, social, and political problems?
  3. What do you think are the roots of social problems such as human trafficking and child labor and how do you address these as an educator and as a businessman?
  4. What are some negative effects of technology that should be considered?

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