PODCAST: Building an Effective Digital Strategy for Global Success with Luc Berlin

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Luc Berlin and Dean Linda Livingstone
Luc Berlin and Dean Linda Livingstone

Luc Berlin is a Digital Globalization Strategist and a Social Netrepreneur. He recently won the Graziadio Student Paper competition for his paper, “The Internet and Globalization: Ten Tips to Building an Effective Digital Strategy for Global Success.” In this audio podcast of the Graziadio Business Review, Berlin discusses the research he did on digital strategy as it relates to global business for this paper, as well as his experience as a consultant for innovative technology and e-commerce organizations and as the founder and CEO of MIIGLE (www.miigle.com), a global collaboration platform that allows people to share, discover, and fund ideas while socially networking.

In this podcast, Berlin answers the following questions:

  1. Could you tell us a little about your findings on the symbiotic relationship between global exports and the proliferation of the Internet?
  2. So, how do you see this transforming business in the future?
  3. You advocate for companies building an effective digital strategy. How do you do that in this rapidly evolving technological landscape?
  4. Can you give listeners an example of a company that has embraced the technological evolution with an effective digital strategy?
  5. In the paper, you offer a list of 10 tips for organizations to achieve digital globalization and become an online success story… can you share one of those tips with our listeners?

Read the full article, “The Internet and Globalization: Ten Tips to Building an Effective Digital Strategy for Global Success” in Volume 14, Issue 4 of the Graziadio Business Review!

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