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PODCAST: How To Create Advocates with Loyalty Architect Craig Wilson

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Craig Wilson
Craig Wilson, Loyalty Architect

Craig Wilson is cofounder of Blux, a full services branding and strategy consultancy, and Twiss Creative Consulting. He’s worked directly with executives focusing on loyalty with brands such as Kiehl’s, Seventh Generation, Patagonia, Prana Living, Burton Snowboards, and Cervelo Bicycles, among others. Along with former Patagonia CEO Michael Crooke, Craig is the co-author of “Creating Advocates: A Values-Oriented Approach to Developing Brand Loyalty,” which can be found at

In this podcast interview, Wilson discusses the following issues related to branding and customer loyalty:

  1. What is authentic purpose, and why is it such an important factor in creating loyal customers?
  2. What is the SEER model is and how it can serve to guide a company in the process of discovering a company’s authentic purpose?
  3. How do you implement these values and ensure that the customer experiences them and interprets them correctly?
  4. Loyalty is such an elusive thing, especially in today’s world of endless options and daily deals. How do you take a window shopper and turn them into an advocate?
  5. What words of advice do you have for businesses out there that are just starting out in trying to create a brand that customers connect with emotionally?

A little more about Craig Wilson…

Craig is a passionate observer of human behavior and, over the past decade, has studied the shared environments that create passionate, loyal customers. While with Patagonia, Craig developed their direct business strategy based on a seminal consumer behavior study, forming the first multi-channel marketing organization. Craig is the author and originator of an interpersonal skills-based seminar called “Playing With Fire,” as well as the “Buyer Life Cycle,” an evolved state of direct marketing segmentation. He has lectured on the topic of loyalty and advocacy as the basic tenet of branding strategy at the University of Southern California, the University of California, and Pepperdine University. Learn more about his work at here.

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