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PODCAST: The Financial Elements of Business Resilience with Garland Simmons, PhD

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In this podcast of the GBR Blog, Garland Simmons, PhD, offers commentary on the recent article he co-authored, “Financial Elements of Business Resilience: A Systematic Approach to Financial Staying Power.” He addresses questions including:

  • How do you define strategic resilience and how do financial decisions factor in?
  • What are the steps toward achieving strategic resilience and why is Net Present Value more in line with these goals?
  • How do the core competencies of a company relate to their financial decision-making?
  • What are some good examples of companies that have done this well?

Simmons is associate professor of finance in the department of Economics and Finance at Stephen F. Austin State University. His articles have appeared in several journals, including Journal of Finance Case Research and European Business Review. His extensive consulting experience includes serving as an expert witness in legal proceedings and managing bank trust portfolios for many years.

Check out the full-article, “Financial Elements of Business Resilience: A Systematic Approach to Financial Staying Power,” which appears in Volume 14, Issue 2 of the Graziadio Business Review.

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