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PODCAST: The Downside of the Federal Reserve’s Proposed Actions with Exchange Rates

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This podcast interview features Graziadio School faculty Donald M. Atwater, PhD, practitioner faculty of economics and Darrol J. Stanley, DBA, professor of finance. They discuss issues surrounding the Federal Reserve’s current monetary policy initiatives to stimulate trade, including:

  • How might the Federal Reserve more positively impact job growth?
  • How will inflation impact the nation’s economic recovery?
  • What are the most pressing issues that could negatively impact the nation’s prosperity?
  • What recommendations do you have for the business practitioner based on your consequence analysis?
Darrol J. Stanley, DBA
Darrol J. Stanley, DBA

Stanley is well-known as a financial consultant with special emphasis on valuing corporations for a variety of purposes. He has also rendered fairness opinions on many financial transactions, and he has been engaged by corporations to develop strategies to enhance their value. He has served as head of corporate finance, research, and trading of four NYSE member firms. He likewise has been the principal of an SEC-registered investment advisor. He has completed global assignments as well as having served as Chief Appraiser of International Valuations/Standard & Poor’s in Europe, Central Europe, and Russia.

Don M. Atwater, PhD
Don M. Atwater, PhD

Previously, Atwater served as chief executive for a Southern California technology company, the chief financial officer of an international, value-added software company, a principal in the human resources and compensation practice at William M. Mercer, and a director and co-founder of several start-up companies. He has created decision-support technologies and implemented them in a number of Fortune 100 companies, including AT&T, Intel, Dell Computer, Apple Computer, and Nestle USA.

Stanley and Atwater are the co-authors of the Graziadio Business Review article, “A Consequence Analysis that Needs to be Shared,” in which they offer a comprehensive consequence analysis of various outcomes of the Federal Reserve’s initiatives. Read the full-text article here.

Author of the article
Graziadio Business Review
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