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A Quick Tip on Giving Effective Feedback by Steven M. Sommer

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Steven M. Sommer, PhD, professor of applied behavioral science, shares his “ABC model,” a three-step process for providing and receiving feedback effectively. His research focuses on how and where individuals collect and process information used to evaluate their behavior and performance. He has widely consulted on team-building and conflict-resolution matters, including serving as a State Farm Regional Consultant, on the Nebraska Governor’s Task Force on Diversity, and on the U.S. AID transformation program in Albania. He serves on the editorial board of Organizational Dynamics and is a past president of the Western Academy of Management.

This is a quick tip to supplement the Graziadio Business Review article he co-authored with Edward Rockey, professor of applied behavioral science, “The ABC’s of Effective Feedback.” Click here to read the full-text article.

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Graziadio Business Review
Graziadio Business Review
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