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PODCAST: Self-Organizing Conversation as an Invitation to Serendipity with Dr. Stephen R. Axley

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Where do truly great ideas come from?

Is it possible to purposefully discover serendipity?

How do people share information in ways to expand what they know?

Stephen R. Axley, PhD believes that the answer to these questions lies in something we all do naturally, on a daily basis: conversation. In this podcast interview, Dr. Axley discusses the research he has done on ways to create serendipitous moments that add value to an organization, which serves as the basis for his article, “Self-Organizing Conversation as an Invitation to Serendipity.

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Stephen R. Axley, PhD, is a professor of management in the College of Business and Technology at Western Illinois University. His doctorate and master’s are from Purdue University, and his research centers around the applications of complexity science to organizations, management, change, and management education, with a focus on organizational communication. He has been published in a number of academic and practitioner journals and authored a book. He has also served in a consulting and training capacity with more than 80 private and public sector organizations, including three state governments and several Fortune 500 companies.

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