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Introducing Market Wrap with Clemens Kownatzki

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Clemens Kownatzki, adjunct professor of financial risk management at the Graziadio School of Business and Management, introduces his new weekly feature, “Market Wrap” on the GBR Blog. Each week, he will offer a brief summary of interesting market events and major economic news, including the “Chart of the Week.” Stay tuned to every Friday for the new content!

Kownatzki is founder and CEO of FX Investment Strategies, a Registered Investment Advisor. In addition to running his investment advisory firm, he is a contributing author at and He also publishes the popular investment blog along with a weekly news-letter.

Prior to starting his investment advisory business, Clemens has been in charge of the operations and risk management of two international foreign exchange and commodities brokerage firms in London and Singapore. He has nearly two decades of experience in financial markets.

Clemens earned his MBA degree from the Graziadio School of Business (PKE 103, April 2000) and joined the Graziadio faculty in 2010.

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