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Being Strategic with Less

Charla Griffy-Brown, Ph.D.
Charla Griffy-Brown, Ph.D.

In today’s economy, everyone is trying to do more with less. Charla Griffy-Brown, Ph.D.,  Associate Professor and Discipline Lead of Information Systems at the Graziadio School of Business and Management, is internationally recognized as one of the most active and prolific researchers in the technology management and innovation fields, and she has a passion for small and medium-sized business strategy.  She offers a three-part podcast series on “Being Strategic With Less,” sponsored by Qwest Business.

In the first podcast, titled, “Do I Have a Complicated Network?” Griffy-Brown discusses how businesses can simplify their networks and leverage information resources to survive the downturn. “Web-solutions can generate cost savings, eliminate pain, and can actually create opportunities for more sales,” she says.

Stream audio of  “Do I Have a Complicated Network?” here.

In the second podcast, “Why Change Now?” Griffy-Brown provides an in-depth explanation of innovative network strategies, including the three technologies that can supercharge your business. “Reducing costs is absolutely a critical driver for change in the current economic environment,” she says.

Stream audio of  “Why Change Now?” here.

In the third and final podcast, “Bigger Profits, Smaller Costs,” she discusses reducing costs and turning your attention toward customer acquisition and customer retention.

Stream audio of “Bigger Profits, Smaller Costs” here.

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Author of the article
Charla Griffy-Brown, PhD
Charla Griffy-Brown, PhD
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