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The Danger with High Frequency Trading

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In this video interview, Davide Accomazzo, MBA, Adjunct Professor of Finance at the Graziadio School of Business and Management, discusses the dangers of high frequency trading. This interview is a follow-up to Professor Accomazzo’s essay for the GBR blog on the same topic.

Professor Accomazzo teaches global capital markets and investments/portfolio management and is a frequent writer on the topic of markets and other economic issues. He co-founded Cervino Capital Management in 2005 and is the company’s principal trader.

Questions for Professor Accomazzo:

  1. What is high frequency trading?
  2. Why is it a growing problem and who stands to lose?
  3. What is the worst possible scenario if HFT goes unchecked into the future?
  4. What kinds of checks and balances do you think should be put in place?
  5. Is there anything investors can do to mitigate the risks of HFT or is it out of our control?

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Author of the article
Davide Accomazzo, Adjunct Professor of Finance
Davide Accomazzo, Adjunct Professor of Finance
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