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The Art of Strategy During a Recession

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In this video interview, Kurt K. Motamedi, PhD, Professor of Strategy and Leadership at the Graziadio School of Business and Management, discusses strategy, strategy execution, leadership styles (including neurotic managers and their impact), keeping employees motivated, and the shift away from economic opportunism occurring in the U.S. and worldwide.

Dr. Motamedi specializes in strategic management and organization development, design, and behavior. He has worked at and consulted for various multinational companies in diverse global industries such as technology, health care, media, and financial services, as well as with government organizations. An author of numerous publications and a frequent speaker on management topics, Dr. Motamedi has received the excellence in teaching and service award from UCLA’s Ojai Leadership and Engineering and Management programs.

On Strategy

Should Businesses Change Their Strategy During Economic Uncertainty?

What are Alternatives to Strategic Planning in an Unstable Environment?

On Execution

How Do You Link Strategy and Execution?

How is the Recession Shaping New U.S. Businesses?

How Do You Keep Employees Motivated Without the Usual Incentives?

What are Negative Management Styles?

On the New U.S. Economy

With the U.S. Economic Collapse, are Organizations Moving Away From Economic Opportunism Towards Social Enlightenment?

How is This Economic Shift Affecting the Global Marketplace?

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Author of the article
Kurt Motamedi, PhD, Professor of Strategy and Leadership
Kurt Motamedi, PhD, Professor of Strategy and Leadership
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