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Offshoring May Slow Impending U.S. Economic Recovery

When jobs return, they will likely be in developing countries where labor is more cost-effective.
Fred Maidment, PhD

To cut costs and ride out the recession, many U.S. companies are offshoring jobs at greater rates than in the past. Many of these jobs will not return to the United States—yet another obstacle to an eventual economic recovery.

IT Outsourcing: China Grasps for the Lead

China presents a major threat to India in the global IT outsourcing industry.
Yunus Kathawala, PhD, and Christoph Heeren

Is a shift in the global outsourcing of IT occurring? India has long been known for its dominance in the field; however, China is making strong headway.

Domestic Partner Benefits in the United States

A Discussion of Issues Related to Cost, Plan Design, and Administration
James Schaefer, MBA

The rapid increase in U.S. households comprised of non-married couples has created a challenging environment for employers as they try to keep pace with the changing profile of the work force.

Examining the Role of Short-Term Correlation in Portfolio Diversification

Study shows that the nearer and shorter the timeframe, the greater the likelihood an investment will move from uncorrelated to correlated.
Jeffry Haber, PhD, and Andrew Braunstein, PhD

The benefit of holding uncorrelated assets is that they should not all move in lock step—while one goes down, hopefully another will increase. This article examines whether the oft-quoted long-term correlations are similar in the short term as well.

Special Technical Analysis

The Buffett Approach to Valuing Stocks
Steven R. Ferraro, PhD, CFA

This article showcases the process famed U.S. investor and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett is reported to go though to determine the intrinsic value of a publicly traded company.


The Economics of Energy

Audio Interview with BP’s Chief Economist Christof Rühl
Warren J. Hahn, PE, PhD

As BP’s chief economist, Dr. Rühl analyzes global economic developments and their impact on energy markets, and provides strategic input into BP’s activities. Prior to joining BP, he served as the World Bank’s Chief Economist in Russia and in Brazil.

Prescription for Success

Audio Interview with McKesson U.S. Pharmaceutical President John Figueroa
Danielle L. Scott

John Figueroa began his career with McKesson in August 1997 as Vice President of Sales for California for McKesson Health Systems. Prior to his current role, he was responsible for the company’s relationships with retail chains and mail service customers, their largest and fastest growing segments.


E-Learning is Green Learning
Owen P. Hall, Jr., PE, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

Universities can help shape sustainability efforts in the short and long term by educating the next generation of leaders through enhanced e-learning that includes strong sustainability components within the curricula.

The Book Corner

In this issue, Graziadio faculty offer reviews of:

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