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Where Do Older Workers Go?

Employment options for older workers continue to evolve and public opinions of older workers vary substantially by country. These differences reflect a range of choices that businesses can learn from and use to realign their value and cost relationships for older workers.

By Donald M. Atwater, PhD, and Daniella Pop

Servicing the Software Industry (SaaS)

7 New Rules for the Software Business. There is something abuzz in the software industry and this time it is not coming from a new hotshot start-up or being propagated by a massive marketing campaign. The buzz is coming from customers and developers alike and it is called Software as a Service, or SaaS for short.

By Kyle C. Murphy, MBA

Supplier Diversity and Competitive Advantage: New Opportunities in Emerging Domestic Markets

6 Strategies for Partnering with Key Minority Stakeholders. Minority businesses, increased spending power within minority communities, and supplier diversity are creating new opportunities for astute companies to realize first-mover advantages in emerging domestic markets.

By Gwen Whitfield, PhD, MBA

The Last 100 Feet of the Supply Chain

Can RFID navigate through the “black hole”? New systems and technology have improved the visibility of goods from manufacturing to store delivery, but they appear to fall into a “black hole” once they reach the retailer’s receiving dock. With RFID technology, the last 100 feet can now be managed effectively by the manufacturer and the retailer.

By Devendra Mishra, MBA

IT-Enabled Information Transparency: A Strategic Approach

The use of information as a competitive advantage. Changes in the availability of information can impact consumer behavior, overall demand, market prices, and the level of competition. In this new technological environment, firms can implement transparency strategies by using information strategically to compete.

By Nelson Granados, PhD

Creating Wealth in Low Income Communities

Audio interview with Forescee Hogan-Rowles, President and CEO of the Community Financial Resource Center. Ms. Hogan-Rowles has dedicated her professional life to serving the underserved communities in her hometown of Los Angeles, California.

By Danielle L. Scott

Editor’s Note

The Top 10 Embracements for Difficult Economic Times. There are many Americans who believe we are not developing the right mind-set to maintain our position as a global economic power. America has the ability to change this mind-set, but we must act now. Here are 10 actions that individuals can take to ensure some degree of sanity and safety for themselves in these uncertain economic times.

By Darrol Stanley, DBA

The Book Corner

The Book Corner has instituted a new five-star rating system.

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