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What We Learned At the AACSB Faculty Conference

L-R: Douglass Gore, Director of Public Relations, Danielle L. Scott, Associate Editor, GBR (me)

Our first time exhibiting was an overwhelming success! We learned so much about our readers and authors at the at the AACSB Faculty Conference on Learning and Research and hopefully brought a new audience into the fold.

Congratulations also go out to Jay Lightfoot, Phd, professor of computer information systems at the University of Northern Colorado (pictured above) for winning our iPod Nano giveaway at the conference. We hope you enjoy it!

For all those who don’t know, we’ve begun exhibiting to spread awareness of the publishing opportunities available for business faculty outside of Pepperdine University. For the past ten (almost 11 now!) years, the GBR has published applied business research. Last year as part of our strategic growth plan, we began accepting submissions for potential publication from non-Pepperdine faculty.

The great response we received in Florida makes us just that much more excited for our next exhibiting opportunity at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Anaheim this August (9-12)!

Here are a few things we’ve learned that potential authors want to know about submitting their research for publication:

  • The GBR is double-blind, peer-reviewed, online, quarterly journal (one academic review, one practitioner review)
  • Find more information about our submission guidelines at the GBR website or in Cabell’s Online Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Management (subscription required)
  • GBR articles focus on the practical applications of business research–authors must explain how business managers can use their research to impact their businesses positively
  • The GBR covers the full scope of business topics from Accounting to Work-Life Balance and everything that comes in between
  • Articles should be about 2,000 words and the review process takes about 4 months
  • The GBR is the business research publication of the Graziadio School of Business and Management, an AACSB-accredited institution
  • About 2,700 readers visit the GBR online every day–mostly business managers and other business persons, students, and faculty; 65% US, 35% international

Of course, if you have any questions, you can always contact me at or leave your questions in the comments.

And if you’re going to the AOM Annual Meeting next month and would like to discuss how your research fits in with the GBR, come see me at the GBR Booth #406!

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Danielle L. Scott
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