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High CEO Pay Could Draw Renewed Attention in Election Year

Whether justified or not, the corporate world is offering a likely target for criticism: very large pay packages for chief executive officers and other top executives.

By Larry Bumgardner, JD

High pay for good performance at successful companies draws some scrutiny. But especially infuriating to average-paid workers and investors, not to mention politicians, are huge severance packages paid to CEOs who have been forced out for poor performance.

Commercial Banking and Treasury Management in Mexico

How significant changes in the Mexican financial sector are impacting U.S.-Mexico business transactions.

By Dubos J. Masson, PhD, CTP, Cert ICM

Mexico is a key trading partner with the United States and a member of NAFTA, and as such, many U.S. businesses have significant dealings with Mexican suppliers, customers, or subsidiaries. While there are some similarities in commercial banking practices, there are other, very significant differences between the Mexican and U.S. environments, for example, prevalence of foreign-owned financial institutions, varying payroll delivery mechanisms, and levels of anti-money laundering compliance.

The Trybaby Syndrome

How often have you needed X to be done and had Y proudly delivered to you?

By Charles D. Kerns, PhD

Trybabies focus on tasks and actions they can do well, but that have little or no relation to their success within an organization. This article identifies the Trybaby Syndrome as a performance challenge and introduces a “Performance Influence – Importance Matrix” to help managers identify the differences between so-called Trybabies, Spinners, Pass-Timers, and Corperformers.

The Tie-In Decision

The current state of the law and economics of tie-in sales and the implications for the business manager.

By Paul Gift, PhD

A “tie-in” is an agreement to sell one product on the condition that the buyer also purchases a different product. This article explores the potential economic and legal ramifications of a “tie-in” decision, including maximizing revenue, lowering transaction costs, and dealing with potential antitrust lawsuits.

Empowering Employees to Success

Audio interview with Steve Bilt, president and CEO of Bright Now! Dental

By Nancy Dodd, MPW, MFA, Editor

Steve Bilt is president and chief executive officer of Bright Now! Dental, Inc., and its wholly owned subsidiaries. In 2003, Steve was named Entrepreneur of the Year. In this interview, Steve talks about how his philosophy of empowering others—from dentists to operations management to patients—has helped him and his team build and sustain one of the largest and most profitable companies in the dental practice management industry.

Editor’s Note

California Greening: Boom or Bust?

By Owen P. Hall, Jr., PE, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

The ongoing dust-up about global warming has brought front and center a number of new opportunities and threats to California’s currently fragile economy. What should be called for is a long-term approach that balances growing environmental awareness along with increasing energy dependency from unreliable sources with the need to grow the economy and generate more jobs.

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