2016 Volume 19 Issue 1

Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note


Welcome to a new issue of the Graziadio Business Review.

This issue includes a variety of articles written by knowledgeable authors that we believe you will find informative, insightful, and engaging.


Hiring Disabled Workers: Bringing the Whole Community into the Workforce

One of our most underserved and underutilized groups is the community of disabled persons. Too often their ability to constructively contribute to society and the recognition of their need to do so is overlooked. In this article Michael Cafferky discusses the economic, social, and moral obligation to be more inclusive of disabled persons in the workforce.

Revitalizing Organizational Identity to Spark Turnaround: Four Factors That Contribute To an Organization’s Identity

Identity is an important aspect of the organization that can help it attract human, financial, and other resources critical for success. Sam Rockwell proposes a model for examining and revitalizing identity attributes needed to support organizational turnaround and avoid organizational death.

The Benefits of Mindfulness in Leading Transformational Change

In this article Avonlie Wylson and Julie Chesley examine how 19 change leaders manage and cope with ambiguity during transformational organizational change and how mindfulness helps them to do that.

“Live Your Life in Crescendo”: Moral Insights for Leaders from Stephen R. Covey

At 79, Stephen R. Covey, one of Time Magazine’s twenty-five “most influential Americans,” passed away. Zuhair Hasan and Cam Caldwell identify 10 moral insights gleaned from Covey’s writings and speeches that he offered to the business world.

“Mr. Watson, Come Here!” How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Healthcare

Owen P. Hall, Jr., focuses on the use of artificial intelligence to advance technology in the healthcare industry, which represents approximately one-seventh of the United States economy, as a market opportunity with tremendous potential.

Recap of the 2015 Future of Healthcare Symposium

This link leads to recaps of speeches, panel discussions, and videos of the keynote speakers at the 2015 Healthcare Symposium. Click here for a Table of Contents.

On April 28, 2016, The Graziadio School will host the second annual “2016 Future of Healthcare Symposium,” register here.


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Nancy Ellen Dodd, MPW, MFA
Nancy Ellen Dodd, MPW, MFA, serves as academic editor of the “Graziadio Business Review and teaches presentations and stories at the Graziadio School.” Her book on creative writing, “The Writer’s Compass: From Story Map to Finished Draft in 7 Stages,” was published by Writer’s Digest Books in June 2011. She also served as editor of Marshall, a USC academic/alumni magazine, and started the Marshall Review, an online journal for the Marshall School of Business at USC. More than 135 of her articles have been published in local and national publications. Dodd received her master’s in Professional Writing from USC with a concentration in screenwriting and an MFA in playwriting at the USC School of Theatre. Ms. Dodd also teaches screenwriting as an adjunct faculty in Seaver College at Pepperdine University. She is currently working on her PhD dissertation in Global Leadership and Change.
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