2011 Volume 14 Issue 2

VIDEO: Currency Wars, a Faculty Panel

VIDEO: Currency Wars, a Faculty Panel

“One major unresolved issue of the 2008 global financial crisis seems to be the determination of the future for the International Monetary System (IMS), or, in layman terms, the way we handle trade imbalances and pay each other globally.  Historically, every major financial and social crisis ended with a re-designing of the IMS; are we staring down a major global currency war?”

This is the question that begins “Currency Wars,” a panel discussion of Graziadio faculty members. Moderated by Davide Accomazzo, adjunct professor of finance and Managing Director at Cervino Capital Management, the panel features Peggy Crawford, PhD, professor of finance; Edward Fredericks, practitioner faculty of finance and principal of Eastwind Asset Management, and Clemens Kownatzki, adjunct professor of financial risk management and founder and CEO of FX Investment Strategies. The panelists debate issues ranging from the revaluation of the Renmimbi, the effectiveness of recent monetary and fiscal policy, and the future of the currency system.

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