2010 Volume 13 Issue 4

The Book Corner

The Book Corner

Faculty Members Review the Latest Business Books

The Book Corner offers reviews by Graziadio School faculty on a variety of books on business topics.

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In this issue:

Transforming Toxic LeadersTransforming Toxic Leaders

By Alan Goldman,
Stanford Business Books, 2009

Reviewed by Sam Farry, MBA
Class Advisor, Executive Programs, Graziadio School of Business and Management

4 stars: Thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating materialToxicity often grows subtly and imperceptibly over time. The book underscores the necessity to closely examine what is actually going on in an organization.

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The Trouble with HRThe Trouble with HR: An Insider’s Guide to Finding and Keeping the Best People

By Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. and Gary M. Stern
AMACOM, 2009

Reviewed by Jeffrey Schieberl, JD, Practitioner Faculty of Business Law

4 stars: Thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating materialTaylor and Stern provide the reader with practical, viable tools that can serve to create and sustain a flexible, integrated, and creative business organization.

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Strategy for SustainabilityStrategy for Sustainability: A Business Manifesto

By Adam Werbach
Harvard University Press, 2009

Reviewed by Ann Feyerherm, PhD, Professor of Organization and Management

3 stars: Valuable information and a good readThis book is a useful primer for business leaders who want to plan for the future survival of the company and innovate differently so their enterprises can thrive.

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Living in More than One World, How Peter Drucker's Wisdom Can Inspire and Transform Your LifeLiving in More than One World, How Peter Drucker’s Wisdom Can Inspire and Transform Your Life

By Bruce Rosenstein
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2009

Reviewed by  David W. Crain, PhD, Lecturer of Strategy

3 stars: Valuable information and a good readRosenstein unpacks the wisdom of Peter Drucker for the benefit of today’s business professionals, and, a prodigious amount of wisdom it is.  Drucker specifically addresses “the knowledge worker of the 21st century,” a term he minted more than 50 years ago.

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Leading Culture ChangeLeading Culture Change: What Every CEO Needs to Know

By Christopher S. Dawson
Stanford Business Books, 2010

Reviewed by Mark Mallinger, PhD, Professor of Applied Behavioral Science

4 stars: Thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating materialThe book provides a rigorous model when considering organizational development and change. However, I believe the content has more applicable value for organizational development professionals than the CEO.

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Leading in Turbulent TimesLeading in Turbulent Times

By Kevin Kelly and Gary E. Hayes

Berrett-Koehler Publishers,

Reviewed by Jeffrey Schieberl, JD, Practitioner Faculty of Business Law

1 star: Not worth your time

I found the book to be short on new insights and somewhat trite in some aspects of leadership that it explored. To be very candid, in my view this book is not worth your time.

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