NBA Figure 2

NBA Figure 2

Figure 2: Comparison of the Top and Bottom Firms in the NBA, 2003-04 Season Data

Figure 2: Comparison of the Top and Bottom Firms in the NBA, 2003-04 Season Data

TeamWin-Loss RecordNo. of Titles since 1980Average Attendance Home GamesPlayer Expense
Market Size
(metro pop in millions)
Current Value
Total Revenue
Operating Revenue
Los Angeles Lakers56-26818,967$6616$447$149$22.8
Chicago Bulls23-59619,736$4810$356$119$49
Boston Celtics36-46316,201$565.7$290$97$25.6
Detroit Pistons54-28321,290$745.5$284$102$23.6
Houston Rockets45-37215,629$535$278$82$15.2
Memphis Grizzlies50-32015,188$541.1$227$63-$19.7
Milwaukee Bucks41-41016,834$621.6$174$70-$15.1
Golden State Warriors37-45016,235$512.2$188$70$7.8
Seattle Supersonics37-45015,399$563.5$196$70$2.4
Los Angeles Clippers28-54016,229$4616$208$72$15.9


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