2009 Volume 12 Issue 1

More Than Money

More Than Money

Audio interview with Social Entrepeneur Mark Albion, PhD

Mark Albion spent nearly 20 years as a student and professor at Harvard University and its Business School. A seven-time social entrepreneur, he left Harvard to develop a community of service-minded MBAs, co-founding Net Impact in 1993. He has made over 600 visits to speak at business schools, covering over 135 different schools on five continents, for which Business Week dubbed him “the savior of B-school souls.”

GBR readers may find these additional audio and video interviews from the Graziadio School of Business and Management and Pepperdine University interesting.

Mark Albion, PhD

Mark Albion is the author of the New York Times’ bestseller Making a Life, Making a Living (2000), Finding Work That Matters (3 CDs; 2002), True to Yourself: Leading a Values-Based Business (2006).

His latest book, More Than Money: Questions Every MBA Needs to Answer, has been electronically distributed to up to 54,500 MBAs at 75 business schools, including 9 of the top 10 and 17 of the top 20 U.S. Business schools. It is accompanied by the 3-minute animated movie, “The Good Life Parable: An MBA Meets a Fisherman,” produced with Free Range Studios. For more on Dr. Albion, visit his website: www.makingalife.com.

Audio Files

Full Interview[powerpress http://gsbm-med.pepperdine.edu/gbr/audio/albion/albioninterview.mp3] or read transcript
The Right Time to Give Back[powerpress http://gsbm-med.pepperdine.edu/gbr/audio/albion/giveback.mp3]
Non-Profits Vs. For-Profit Social Enterprises?[powerpress http://gsbm-med.pepperdine.edu/gbr/audio/albion/nonprofit.mp3]
Developing and Sustaining a Values-Based
[powerpress http://gsbm-med.pepperdine.edu/gbr/audio/albion/values.mp3]
Giving Back in a Down Economy[powerpress http://gsbm-med.pepperdine.edu/gbr/audio/albion/givingback.mp3]
The Cost of Money: 5 Take-Aways on
Making a Life
[powerpress http://gsbm-med.pepperdine.edu/gbr/audio/5takeaways.mp3]

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Questions for Dr. Albion:

  1. The common theme throughout your books is in a sense, the name of your latest book—it’s about “more than money.” As someone who has spent their life in the world of business, how have you reconciled the two?
  2. Some might say that it’s easy for you, with your extensive business background, your PhD, your Harvard Business School credentials, to now turn around and decide to give back to the community. Is there a right time in your career to turn the focus from money to giving back?
  3. What are some of the social enterprises you founded? What lessons did you learn?
  4. What is the better business model for giving back—for-profit social enterprises or traditional non-profits?
  5. Tell us more about Net Impact, and how you use “business to improve the world.”
  6. You are also very involved in the Social Venture Network, which is committed to “building a just and sustainable world through business.” How do the two groups differ? Essentially, why would a social entrepreneur get involved with one over the other?
  7. What for you constitutes a values-based business? Should every entrepreneur be a social entrepreneur?
  8. What can business managers, owners, entrepreneurs, do to incorporate a values-based approach to their work? What are the questions they need to ask themselves? The actions they need to take?
  9. Much has been said about Generation Y and their community-mindedness. In the 15 years since you founded Net Impact, have you seen a generational shift towards giving back?
  10. The other thing you hear about Generation Y is how much they like to switch jobs. As these new graduates enter the workforce, how can organizations use service and community incentives to help retain them as longer-term employees?
  11. With the current economic conditions, money is the big issue looming over so many people. How has this affected your message?
  12. What advice do you have for current and recently graduated MBA students? What are your top 5 take-aways?

*Editor’s Note: This interview was held on November 4, 2008.

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