Minutes of Meeting

Minutes of Meeting

February 1, 1992

Minutes of Executive Management Committee Meeting

Attending: Irving M. d’Bose, CEO; Scott Smith, CFO; John Belx, VP-Marketing

Mr. Belx opened the meeting by detailing AB’s participation in efforts to lobby Congress on upcoming trade legislation. Belx believed that AB had a responsibility as a major US corporation to guard its interests and protect its employees jobs. Belx noted that the lobbyists from the US Chamber of Commerce, the American Manufacturer’s Association, and the Washington law firm of Hughes, Lewis, and Dewey would be representing AB interests in Congress as trade treaties with Canada, Mexico, and the European common market are debated.

Mr. Smith presented a proposal to re-engineer all of the company’s business practices. Smith reviewed a proposal from the McCormick group, one of the leading re-engineering consulting firms in the US, to lead the study and help retrain employees in the new, more systemized business processes. McCormick Group estimated their fees at $2 million and that the work would take about two years. Mr. d’Bose and Mr. Belx both questioned the study, the price, and the costs. Mr. Smith insisted that the study was needed, the costs were justified, and that he knew the work could be competed in two years. Mr. Smith stated they should approve the contract at this time and noted that he had invited McCormick executives to give a brief presentation to the Executive group at their next meeting. Mr. d’Bose agreed and okayed the contract.



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