2000 Volume 3 Issue 3

Do Japan’s High Tech Failures Open Doors for Western Firms?

Japan’s technology woes will impact U.S. business practice as technology trade increases.

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Managing Earnings … or Cooking the Books?

Some managers are distorting the economic reality of their firm’s performance through “accounting hocus-pocus,” so analyze financial reports carefully!

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The Battle Over Merger Accounting

Despite proposed pooling of interests accounting rule, firms are urged to pursue mergers that make economic sense.


Conversation with Development Bank of Japan’s Dr. Kazuyuki Matsumoto

Dr. Kazuyuki Matsumoto, senior economist at the Development Bank of Japan, discusses the economic recovery of Japan and other Asian nations.



Editor’s Note: Friends, Romans & Countrymen…

The stage is set and spectators pack the coliseum jeering and cheering to see if chief gladiator Alan Greenspan can subdue the U.S. New Economy.


What Directors Need to Know

Directors must know what information is needed to govern effectively – and take responsibility for getting it.


Still Thinking of Doing an IPO?

An overview of the IPO process including costs and benefits.