1998 Volume 1 Issue 3


Eleven points, garnered from innovative organizations, to answer the tough but essential question, “What might help our organization be more innovative?”


Retirement Call to Action

The responsibility for retirement planning now rests more squarely on the individual than at any other time in recent history.

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The European Directive On Data Privacy

Should the EU conclude that America’s data protections are insufficient, there could be major repercussions for businesses on both sides.

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Editor’s Note: Welcome to the GBR, Volume I, Issue 3

Every issue of the GBR is a themed issue: the theme being how can we help practicing managers in their work and life.


Debt Tied to Lower Firm Performance

The ratio of debt to equity financing was approximately two to one in 1982, but increased to five to one by 1993.

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Conversation with Countrywide Credit Industries’ Angelo Mozilo

A discussion of the innovative approaches used to make Countrywide the largest independent mortgage banking company in the U.S.


Boosting Country Club Memberships With Innovative Marketing and Pricing Concepts

A case study involving a private country club charged with increasing memberships to cover the cost of opening a second 18-hole golf course.

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