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Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Nancy Dodd, MPW, MFA

Nancy Dodd, MPW, M

Several of the older Graziadio Business Review articles have a long shelf life and are often visited by our readership. We wondered what the authors would share if the article were printed today. In the latest GBR issue, authors went back to eight of our most popular and most timely articles to give us an update. The authors explore how the economy and world events have impacted the information from their original article.
Economics and Finance:
Business Law:
Graziadio faculty have reviewed four interesting books in The Book Corner. Check out the reviews to see which ones got five stars.
You will also notice some additional features added to the GBR.
  • First, we have included an ARCHIVE-VIDEO LIBRARY where you will find a number of lectures, conferences, panel discussions, and other Graziadio business-related videos and interviews available at no charge.
  • Second, we have added more information and links to videos and transcripts from the Dean’s Executive Leadership Series with talks given by and interviews with key business leaders in a variety of major corporations. Click here for more information.
We hope that you will find the latest issue of the GBR as stimulating as we did.

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