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Lessons in Leadership: Robert D. Blackwell Drives Operational Performance in IT

Can’t view this video? Click here to open in new window. Robert D. Blackwell, Sr., is chairman and chief executive officer of Blackwell Consulting Services. As a former managing director of IBM’s Chicago Consulting Services Business, Blackwell has more than 35 years of computer industry expertise. He sits down with Kevin Groves, assistant professor of […]

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“A New Kind of Capitalism:” Panel Discussion with Pepperdine Faculty

Can’t view this video? Click here to open in new window. “We are living through extraordinary economic times; many of the accepted market conventions have disintegrated in the last two years. Is there a new kind of capitalism in our future and what are the most important areas of intervention?” This is the question that […]

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Continuous Partial Attention: Is it Time to Audit your “CPA”?

Attention is a precious resource. Have you considered how you use, diffuse, confuse and potentially abuse your attention? Do you understand the link between where you are spending your attention and the quality of your energy, productivity, and relationships? We live in a world with tremendous potential for distraction. Linda Stone, a former Apple and […]

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Quarterly Economic Update: August 2010

Can’t view this video? Click here to open in new window. Chris Thornberg, founding principal of Beacon Economics and Editorial Review Board member of the Graziadio Business Report, fills in the GBR about the latest findings of Beaconomics, the quarterly forecast for the U.S. and California economies. Based on the latest statistics on U.S. unemployment, […]

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Systems Thinking: A Holistic Approach to Organizational Effectiveness

The “systems thinking” approach is a way in which a business looks at its overall organization to determine patterns and develop more effective ways of conducting business. Each problem is considered as a part of the system rather than as an overarching problem in a specific department. In his editorial for the Graziadio Business Review, […]

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