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The Future of the Global Currency Imbalance

Can’t see the above video? Click this link to watch. In this video, Davide Accomazzo, adjunct professor of finance, discusses the global currency imbalance and what implications it carries. Questions for Professor Accomazzo: 1. What is the “global savings glut?” 2. How has the United States tried to reverse current account deficits in the past? […]

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How Are Industries Mismanaging the Future?

In this video, John Mooney, PhD, Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Associate Professor of Information Systems, interviews Chuck Morrissey, PhD, Associate Professor of Strategy on “managing what’s next,” a theme he’s developed over his more than 50 years in management, as an entrepreneur, and as an educator.

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Quarterly Economic Update: Spring 2010

Christopher Thornberg is a founding principal of Beacon Economics and a member of the Graziadio Business Review Editorial Board. In this quarterly report, Thornberg reveals what lies ahead for the economy in the coming quarter and beyond based on Beacon’s extensive research as one of California‚Äôs leading economic forecasters. For a more in-depth analysis of […]

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