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5 Tips to Boost Workplace Happiness During these Tough Times

The results of the first GBR poll on the economy and workplace productivity are in! The majority of participants said their workplace has been affected in some way by the stress of the down economy 56% say that people are working harder to keep their jobs 15% say that people are too obsessed with what’s […]

March 30th, 2009 - By

Why Real Estate Matters

First, there’s the obvious reason: It’s the sheer scale. The total value of the US residential market hovers around $20 trillion. There simply isn’t anything close to it (add up all the cars in the US—maybe 250 million—and give each an average value of $10,000 (8+ years median age), and you only get about $2.5 […]

March 23rd, 2009 - By

GBR Poll: The Economy and Workplace Productivity

The GBR Blog wants to know: [poll id=”3″] What’s going on at your work? Tell us in the comments. UPDATE: This poll was closed on March 30, 2009. Read our analysis of the poll and get “5 Tips to Boost Workplace Happiness During these Tough Times,” by Charles Kerns, PhD, Associate Professor of Applied Behavioral […]

March 16th, 2009 - By

Are the Roots of the US Economy Irreparably Severed?

In the 1979 motion picture Being There, Peter Sellers played Chance the Gardener, a man said to be “stuffed with rice pudding between the ears.” Nevertheless, it was Chance who offered a piece of brilliant advice that would serve the President of the United States well in our current state of economic crisis: “…as long […]

March 9th, 2009 - By

Why Change Happens in Politics–NOT in Business

Barack Obama swept into the nation’s capitol, and with a few scribbles of his name, started the process of dismantling eight years of Bush policies. He faces a Congress that will largely embrace his changes, mostly because the Democrats have a comfortable majority in the House and only a 2-seat deficit to get to the […]

March 2nd, 2009 - By