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What You Need to Know About the Future

Linnea Bernard McCord, JD, MBA Peter Drucker, the famous management consultant, who is credited with creating the professional field of management, died a few years ago at age 95. He was the quintessential non-emotional thinker—a voracious reader who observed dispassionately what was going on around him without bias or preconception. He invented the word “knowledge worker” decades […]

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Winter 2009 GBR Issue Now Live

Read the latest issue of the GBR online at In this issue: Recognizing Organizational Culture in Managing Change Structural changes can serve as the initial intervention for shifting culture. Mark Mallinger, PhD, Don Goodwin, MBA, and Tetsuya O’Hara, MBA The Successful Expatriate Leader in China Expatriate managers must consider the cultural dimensions of leadership. […]

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U.S. Economic Recovery May Not Be So Soon in Coming

Davide Accomazzo, MBA    Economic forecasting is never an easy task but admittedly this year is harder than usual. The deep financial and social dislocations we suffered in the last 12 months have set in motion dynamics we hardly understand in their full ramifications. Most forecasts seem to point to a difficult first half followed by […]

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