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California Greening: Boom or Bust?

Owen P. Hall, Jr., PE, PhD, is Editor-in-Chief of the Graziadio Business Report and a professor of decision and information systems at the Graziadio School of Business and Management. The ongoing dust-up about global warming has brought front and center a number of new opportunities and threats to California’s currently fragile economy. Whether man-made global […]

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New issue of GBR launched this week!!!

The latest issue of the Graziadio Business Report is now online at (Click on the links below to access individual articles) High CEO Pay Could Draw Renewed Attention in Election Year Whether justified or not, the corporate world is offering a likely target for criticism: very large pay packages for chief executive officers and […]

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How to Protect Your Business From Customers

This is a guest post by Tim Berry, GBR Editorial Review Board member and President of Palo Alto Software What? You say, reading my title here. Why would I want to? Here’s a question I received in the Ask the Experts forum today: My business sells window coverings and recently got taken by a […]

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Businesses Pay for Lack of Customer Service

Nancy Dodd, MPW, MFA, is editor of the Graziadio Business Report and an adjunct professor of screenwriting. Customer service has been on my mind lately, or I should say a lack thereof. Business executives budget fortunes to figure out how to attract customers while the customers they lose out the front door go unnoticed. It […]

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Dream to Nightmare: Who Should Pay for the Housing Disaster?

This is a guest post by Peggy Crawford, PhD, Professor of Finance, and Terry Young, PhD, Professor of Economics The housing saga continues. The hope of “owning a piece of the American dream” is becoming a nightmare for some home buyers. While optimists argue that the “worst” is over as they cling to any sign […]

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